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Cozi App – Recommended

22 Nov

Hi everyone,

Here’s a recommendation from our family to yours: try cozi. It’s awesome and fantastic for family organisation and meal planning. The features include: shared and synced family calender, meal planning software, shared grocery list, shared lists and family journal. It’s a great app because it saves so much time and money! And it’s totally free! When you use it on your computer, you can plan your week’s menu and then automatically add all the ingredients to the shopping list – which all the adults in your family can see from their cell phones and edit on the go. It’s so easy and saves that dreaded question… “What’s for dinner?”

Here’s the link, check it out: http://www.cozi.com/family-calendar.htm

If you pay more you are able to see what’s for dinner from your cell phone. To get around having to pay for that service, I created a family member called “Dinner” and once a week while planning meals from the home computer I’ll add a daily event to each day under that person with the night’s menu. Because family members can each view one another’s calenders from their phones, everyone is able to see that today “Dinner” is doing, aka, is, “coconut chicken with rice”.

If you use the flylady.net housework system, you can also use cozi to keep up with her daily missions.