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A new recipe book to look forward to: Live below the line

24 Jul

I recently was emailed by live below the line, who annually run a week long event which challenges participants to live on $2.25 a day for food to raise money for charities which are fighting to end poverty in this lifetime . The event is well worth participating in, because even if you don’t raise any money in support of those charities you do go through a mind-opening process of re-evaluation of the world. They are currently compiling recipes from former participants on this challenge and I just wanted to let the world know about it. If you have any recipes you can submit them on their facebook page.

The recipe book will be an excellent resource for those who want to take this challenge, and also those who are currently having trouble providing meals for their families. The cheap meals and recipes are a good starting point for those families who have little in the grocery budget each week.

Another good, free, resource for families who are worried about how they will provide for their families this season is this website: – there you’ll find a lot of recipes for breakfasts and brunches, all of which are low cost.


Egg people

23 Jul


I made this for Koha the other day. She was delighted. I simply placed the cookie cutter on the frying pan and cracked the egg and poured it in. I used a knife to gently remove the cookie cutter before serving.

Live Below the Line Challenge

13 Jul

My husband and I did this challenge last year. It was hard, but mind opening. If you’re interested, check out the video above. We will probably do this again this year (Koha will not participate as this is not safe for children). Either way, we will put up some recipes soon that would work with this challenge for those that are following it.

Some ideas for low cost meals:

  • Perfect hard-boiled eggs without a timer: at 22 cents an egg (New Zealand, 2012, 30 pack of eggs for $6.50), eggs are one of the cheapest and most nutritious meals you can have on a strict budget.
  • Oatmeal: At just over 10 cents a serve (New Zealand, 2012, 25 serves in 750 gram pack of quick oats for $2.39), a bowl of oats is a very cheap meal option.

Eating healthy is like giving yourself a hug

10 Jul

hearts (Photo credit: duh.denise)

Often when people want to lose weight or get in shape, they tell themselves they’ll go on a healthy diet. While on this healthy diet, they’ll stay away from the yummy stuff and eat things that will get them closer to their goal. And you know what happens to these dieters? Eventually, they get sick of it and they go back to junk foods.

But why associate healthy eating with punishment?  That’s silly. What are you teaching your kids when you do that?

Recently I was watching a video on youtube by where she said the reason most of us don’t like doing chores is because when we were kids we were given chores as a punishment. We have to overcome that if we are going to get into routines which keep our home operating in a way which supports us and makes us happy. I think that applies to healthy eating too. We have to overcome messages of desserts as “treats” and vegetables as “taxes”. Vegetables can be treats.

It’s actually more logical to view healthy eating as a treat you give yourself. Healthy foods are varied and delicious. They give you more energy and vitality. They improve your mood and support you to be your best. We need to be excited about healthy eating and home cooking, we need to look forward to making dinners with fresh ingredients. By doing that, we enable our long term diet success, and also the long term diet success of our children.

Free samples are awesome!

9 Jul
free sample of stevia

free sample of stevia

We received this in the post today 🙂

This stuff  is awesome.

How we try and eat

4 Jul