Welcome to our blog!

We plan to publish posts about the food we are cooking and creating together at home, using simple ingredients and simple methods. We are a mother and daughter team who love to cook and experiment in the kitchen.

Our goals are:

  • to have fun
  • to share yummy recipes with the world
  • to capture and create some memories together
  • to show people that you don’t need fancy ingredients, fancy tools, a designer kitchen or a degree in the culinary arts to be a home cook
  • to inspire others to cook at home
  • to inspire others to cook using healthy ingredients and in a healthy way
  • to make some delicious food

Our cooking and eating family philosophies:

  • We believe we need to be eating real food.. this means eating home prepared meals as often as possible, using ingredients we can pronounce, using ingredients we can explain, using single ingredient foods as much as possible.
  • We like “super foods” and try to incorporate them into our life where we can. Super foods are foods which are very nutritionally dense. These foods support the body and brain’s development and maintenance.
  • We try to keep our food affordable and simple using minimal ingredients and simple cooking techniques.

Our disclaimer:

We have no qualifications in nutrition or in how to cook properly. This blog is all opinion. Our approach is to do our best to feed our family well and to look after ourselves, so we post about the things we do and the things we eat and why we eat them. If we get anything wrong along the way – let us know in the comments section.


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