Sunday Meals Husband Cooks: Mussels, Salad, Gourmet Potatoes

26 Nov
Mussels and salad

Mussels and salad

This is Sunday night dinner, courtesy my husband. Lately he’s been steaming mussels on weekends and we eat them with large servings of salad.

These mussels were steamed on the stove and were served with lemon juice and garlic. My husband loves garlic on mussels, but I personally prefer lemon juice and pepper. He experimented by using both lemon juice and garlic on this meal. Our salad was simple, with cut tomatoes and apples over mixed lettuce greens. We also had gourmet potatoes with cracked sea salt and a little bit of butter. It was delicious and so healthy. Mussels are a great source of iron and protein and are low in fat. They’re also very very very cheap, and it cost less than $4 for all of us.

When purchasing mussels, be sure to look at the shell and go for mussels that are closed and unbroken. They should also be kept in sea water at the store, and eaten soon after they’ve been bought. We tend to eat ours the same day, which is why mussels are a weekend thing for our family.


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