A new recipe book to look forward to: Live below the line

24 Jul

I recently was emailed by live below the line, who annually run a week long event which challenges participants to live on $2.25 a day for food to raise money for charities which are fighting to end poverty in this lifetime . The event is well worth participating in, because even if you don’t raise any money in support of those charities you do go through a mind-opening process of re-evaluation of the world. They are currently compiling recipes from former participants on this challenge and I just wanted to let the world know about it. If you have any recipes you can submit them on their facebook page.

The recipe book will be an excellent resource for those who want to take this challenge, and also those who are currently having trouble providing meals for their families. The cheap meals and recipes are a good starting point for those families who have little in the grocery budget each week.

Another good, free, resource for families who are worried about how they will provide for their families this season is this website: http://breakfasteaters.org.nz/ – there you’ll find a lot of recipes for breakfasts and brunches, all of which are low cost.


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