Adapting recipes to make them healthier: Cake

8 Jul

Banana bread loaf.

Eating healthy is a long term commitment, one that is harder to stick to when you deny yourself and your family the occasional treat. It is good, and it is healthy, to celebrate with food. Sometimes that calls for cake.

Personally, I think cake is more special when it is baked at home. The whole process of baking is enjoyable. Mixing and measuring, licking the spoon, the anticipation while the cake rises in the oven, the process of frosting… It’s all good. It’s all positive. It’s all something that makes the day extra special.

When baking at home, I use a number of tricks which both reduce the total calories and increase the nutritional density of the cake. While it’s okay to have treats occasionally, if there’s no difference in taste between a healthier option and a standard option, I will always go for the healthier option.

My tricks include:

  • Dividing the total amount of required butter or oil in 3, then using 1/3 oil or butter with a top up for the other 2/3 of apple sauce.
  • Using stevia instead of sugar.
  • Using a healthier flour. The last time I made a banana cake I used wholemeal flour. This gave the cake a darker colour but added more flavour.

Home baked goods generally, as a rule, even with standard white flour and white sugar, are healthier than store bought baking. A store bought cake might contain propylene glycol, soy lecithin, stearoyl lactylate, xanthum gym, diglycerides, and artificial colours and flavours. I don’t even know what that stuff is. Do you?


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