Kumara, garlic mussels, broccoli, leafy greens

2 Jul

An easy lunch of kumara, mussels, and broccoli

This simple lunch consists of baked kumara, steamed broccoli, and some marinated garlic mussels straight out of a vacuum packed bag.

The mussels were high in sodium because of the marinate (this is not clean eating, this is convenience), but they did taste nice. Mussels are an excellent source of protein, vitamin B12 (good for the brain), vitamin C (good for the immune system), iron (keeps you from wanting to fall over), and omega-3 (amazing for everything). Garlic also boosts the immune system. Broccoli is a superfood, it’s basically a vegetable we try and eat when we can. Kumara is a good alternative to potato because it has a lower GI.

It’s funny because Koha has been talking about peeling, cooking, and eating kumara to her creche teachers and when they chatted to me about it they assumed we ate a lot of kumara because Koha and her dad are Maori. It’s funny because the real reason we eat a lot of kumara is because it’s low GI.


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