Brussel sprouts CAN be delicious

30 Jun
Brussel sprouts with chicken-bacon and olives

Brussel sprouts can be nom nom nom

When I first tried brussel sprouts, they were dis-gust-ing. When I tried them again, they were dis-gust-ing-er. But then I saw this video by Christina Dugdale and my mouth started watering, so I decided brussel sprouts deserved a second chance.

I’m so happy that I did. The key, as Christina says in her recipe, is to bake them in the oven after they’ve been quickly cooked on the stove top. This caramelizes them and removes that bitter grossness. When I cooked them I decided to serve them with bacon, so used chicken-bacon as a healthier alternative to traditional bacon. First I fried the bacon and set it aside, then I cooked the brussel sprouts on the stove top in the fat from the bacon. After that I baked the brussel sprouts. When the brussel sprouts were ready, I added the cooked bacon back in with them and Koha suggested we add some olives too, so we did.

The result was amazing. While Koha wasn’t a huge fan of them, she ate a few before deciding to concentrate on picking out and gobbling up the bacon and the olives. I ate.. too many. But, as Christina says in that video, brussel sprouts are good for me, so never mind, it’s all in the name of cancer avoidance 😉


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