Cooking Show: Hummus!

29 Jun

Our first video for our cooking show! Pardon the poor quality video, we have very basic equipment. We had to make a few substitutions for our recipe based on what we had on hand. It worked out well though and tasted nice. Making hummus at home means (1) we know what’s in it, and (2) we save money. For the same amount of store bought hummus you’d spend about $8 (in New Zealand in 2012). We made this for about $2 total. We added garlic and cumin for flavour. You can leave those out, or try something else. We might try cooked red peppers next time.

Here are some links to other good hummus recipes: : this recipe is very similar to our one, but uses tahini instead of oil and has a little salt, actual garlic cloves (not minced garlic) and no cumin. We love this website as it has loads of recipes and prepares them according to “clean eating” principles. : this recipe uses olive oil and adds some heat with chilli. This hummus interestingly uses cannellini beans rather than chick peas (garbanzo).


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