Koha’s Lunch: Dipping Snacks Hummus or Yoghurt

27 Jun
Hummus Lunch Box

Hummus is a fantastic and healthy option for the lunch box

There’s just something about the action of dipping that makes eating fun. For Koha’s lunch I gave her a variety of things which she could dip into this homemade hummus (we will put a cooking show video up soon). Wholegrain toast, carrots and rice crackers are all good options for serving with this homemade dip. I haven’t tried banana with hummus, but who’s to say that wouldn’t taste good too?

Yoghurt is another alternative for healthy dipping. Carrot sticks or celery taste amazing with yoghurt.

I’m a big advocate for taking the tricks of the fast-food junk-food companies and applying them as a Mum for the purpose of getting my child to eat and love healthy foods. This lunch uses loads of bright and interesting colours. It also uses the trick of small things. Chips and lollies are small, and I know from experience just how easy it is to eat a lot of those! These snacks are all “fun size”, and I’ve noticed that when I serve vegetables like this Koha actually eats a lot more of them.


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